Success Was the Attraction

Jim and Lucy Fearnow spent most of their lives living and working in Ligonier, Indiana. They raised their seven children there and ran a successful business. Fearnow built his business, Structural Components of Indiana (SCI), and it flourished for thirteen years. Then in 2010, he was given the opportunity to sell.

"It was bittersweet to sell the business," J. Fearnow said, "but it was also the right time in our lives to do it.” He was quite busy with his church and the sale made it easier to do more for them.

The Fearnows came to Sturgis frequently because they enjoyed the atmosphere and the friendliness of its citizens. After the sale of SCI, and taking a year off, they decided to purchase the Moments to Milestones Scrapbook Store (formerly Magic Moments Scrapbook Store). L. Fearnow enjoyed crafting and this opportunity seemed like a perfect fit for her.

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One day after church they had visited a local yogurt shop in Ligonier. J. Fearnow was hesitant at first to try it.

"All I could think was, it's a cultured milk product that had to be sweetened up by fruit or something," he explains. "But Lucy convinced me to give it a try, so I did."

He was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the choice of flavors available. After that he began to look into the idea of having his own yogurt shop.

J. Fearnow had been talking to city leaders and others and felt like Sturgis was the perfect place to establish his frozen yogurt store.

"Every time we came here to visit, we always left feeling like Sturgis was such a successful city," he says.

The Fearnows often spoke fondly of their visits to Sturgis on their rides back to Ligonier.

"We could just feel and see the successful things happening in this town," he says.

The Fearnows learned that yogurt mixes are relatively easy to procure, and set out to find machines and other equipment to complete the store. After many months of getting permits, and legalities out of the way, Sweet Peaks was opened just over a year ago, and is having great success.

"We love the down town atmosphere and activities here," says L. Fearnow. "There is always something good going on around town.” Many of our customers come in for a little treat after having dinner at one of the downtown restaurants," J. Fearnow shares, "while others come down town for a sweet treat."

Either way, the treats are delicious, and business remains good year round. So much so, J. Fearnow is thinking about the possibility of opening a second store, in another nearby town, in the future.

"As we look for ways to make our businesses better, we meet new and exciting people and make new friends along the way," says J. Fearnow. "We consider our customers our friends, and we are always up for making new friends!"

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